Darknet Search Engines – Latest Deepweb Tor Links 2021

Darknet is full of hidden .onion websites which are very difficult to find. This is because they are not indexed by traditional clearnet search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. Here are some of the major deepweb search engines which can assist in answering your queries or finding the intended .onion tor websites and services.



This is the largest Darknet search engine. notEvil currently has 29+ Million indexed hidden onion pages in its database. If you are particularly searching for any query – then we assure you that notEvil will give you the best search results. Users will also have the option to search based on Title or URL. There is also an option to use the notEvil chat service who help you in finding the best results for your search query. notEvil is clutter free, No logs, No Ads and most importantly – they respect your privacy and anonymity.



This is one of the best tor search engine which is very popular among darknet users. This website maintains a large database of 494838 indexed .onion links which are regularly updated. It works similar to Google search. The major drawback of Torch search is that they display ads on home page as well as search results page.



You might have already come across DuckDuckGo clearnet version. It is an alternative to Google search on clearnet. DuckDuckGo is privacy focused anonymous search engine which does not Track user activity. Since it’s launch n 2008 – it’s user base has been steadily growing and is currently being used by millions of users worldwide.



Ahmia is basically an open-source project which helps you in finding the best results for your search keywords. It is fairly simple to use – Just type in your query and hit the Submit button. It offers other services like Ahmia viewer, I2P Search and also has the option to add links to their database. Note that Ahmia has blacklisted all kinds of abuse material. So, if you are looking to explore abusive stuff on Darknet, then Ahmia is not the correct choice for it.



Haystak is a latest darknet search engine. They claim to have indexed 1.5 billion pages which include over 260,000 onion links. Haystak was created with an intention of providing a quick and extensive dark web search engine for darknet users. They have two plans – one is ‘Free’ and the other is ‘Premium’. In their Premium version they offer some advanced features such as machine learning to search your query, Access to email addresses, visa card numbers and email alerts when new content which matches your search term appears on their search engine.

Grams Associated Services

Grams is very similar to Google in terms of offering multiple service platforms each of which has a specific purpose. For example, Grams search engine, Helix directory, Flow etc.

Grams Search Engine


Grams is the latest addition to the list of deep web search engines. Right from the beginning this service has gained immense popularity and it’s currently being used by thousands of users across the globe to access the darknet websites. It is very straightforward to use, just type in the query and press the “grams search” button – you will be presented with the related search results. Grams is mostly helpful for people who are looking for product/marketplace related search results (like Alphabay, Hansa, guns, hackers, coke etc). For general queries, Grams is not much helpful.

Helix Tor Directory Link


Just as the name suggests, Helix is a directory of all reputable tor websites. You can search the directory to find the appropriate service.

InfoDesk Grams


If you are looking to find tor onion links to Darknet vendors, products or particular marketplaces then InfoDesk can help you. Here you can find tor links to some good marketplaces on darkweb which are trusted and legit.



This is another wonderful service from the Grams team. Basically, if you ever encounter a darknet market then you need to either remember it’s complicated onion url or get the links from a Hidden wiki directory. Flow simplifies this process massively – you just need to remember the marketplace name (like Agora, Wiki, Whitehouse etc). You can simply enter the name of the marketplace and Flow will redirect you to their dark net site.



It is a darkweb search engine but it provides only clearnet results and not onion links. SearX displays title, description and urls in the search results. There is also an advanced settings option in case you want to play around with the search options. Searx gives more importance to user privacy and does not keep any logs or store any user related information. It is 100% open-source project whose code can be found on GitHub (https://github.com/asciimoo/searx).